Custom Peptide Synthesis Services

High Quality, Fast Delivery and Affordable Price

Biobest's OEM in China use automated and multi-channel peptide synthesizers, the peptide manufacture capacity can reach several hundreds of peptides per week and with quantity from mg to hundreds of grams.

The peptide modification and conjugation type include:

  • End modification
  • Special amino acid modification
  • Flurescence and dye labeling
  • Cyclic peptide
  • Protein conjugation

Biobest offers a wide range of peptide modification and conjugation services with affordable price. See details

Peptide libraries are large collections of related and diverse sequences used to identify critical motifs for protein function or protein-protein recognition. These powerful tools have wide applications in numerous areas such as proteomics research, drug discovery, epitope identification, enzyme substrate identification, receptor ligand screening, and many others.