• Trace C2 Sampling

    Trace C2 Sampling

    The TRACE C2 Sampling is a fully-automated online bioreactor sampling system, enabling the collection of cell-containing or cell-free samples.

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  • BugLab OD Measurement

    BugLab OD Measurement

    Electrolab Biotech distribute in the UK the range of non-invasive optical density monitoring systems from Buglab LLC.

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  • Laboratory Glucose Measurement

    Glucose/lactate measurement

    The analysers from Trace offer automatic determination of glucose and lactate in cell cultivations and fermentations available for either online or offline analysis.

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  • Low Flow Rate Pumps

    Low Flow Rate Pumps

    The low flow rates required in bio-processing and similar research mean that peristaltic pumps face special demands in these environments.

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